Why repair a damaged windshield?

Cracked windshields are a major safety issue. Windshields provide up to 30 percent of the structural integrity of your vehicle and once damaged, are unable to withstand much more of an impact, putting your safety in jeopardy. Warm and cold weather can also stress the glass, causing safety concerns with cracked or damaged windshields.

With over twenty years of experience, our professional team can replace your windshield via our ICBC-approved Glass Express shop. Without calling ICBC’s dial-a-claim, you can come directly to us for faster service. We also handle private insurance glass claims. You have the option to place an insurance claim on your windshield replacement or not. We will work out the most cost-effective plan for you.

Our rock chip windshield repairs are fast and permanent. Rock chip repairs restore the structural integrity of glass, and stop cracks from spreading. Clarity is achieved by applying an optically matched resin that is permanent and saves you the cost of repairing your entire windshield.

Aquapel windshield treatments repel rain and sleet for remarkably improved vision in stormy weather. By reducing headlight glare at night, Aquapel allows you to drive safely through challenging conditions.

Windshield streaking is not an issue after the application of Aquapel. This glass treatment improves your driving ability by helping you see clearly and drive safer. Aquapel is a long-lasting rain repellant that improves vision in the rain by causing rain to bead up and roll off your windshield. In the winter season, your windshield wipers will easily clear ice and snow.

Aquapel also improves visibility at night by reducing the glare caused by oncoming traffic light and visibility issues caused by rain and other sources of light pollution. This glass treatment lasts for months in normal driving conditions. Improve your driving safety with the application of Aquapel windshield treatment.

Larry’s Auto Glass repairs rear view mirrors. As a safety feature, rear view mirrors allow you to see the blind spot while driving and avoid collision.

Other Services:

  • Headlight Replacement and Restoration
  • Bulb Replacement: When your headlights become dim and no longer illuminate the road safely, it is time for you to have the bulbs replaced in your headlights. It is important to keep your headlights functioning to keep you and your family safe on the road.
  • Lens Replacement: Clouded headlight lenses pose a serious safety issue, comprising night vision and reducing the effectiveness of your headlights by dimming the beam. The age of the vehicle, and ultraviolet radiation causing lens aging, is compounded by other environmental factors.
  • Power Window Motor and Regulator Replacement
  • Power window regulators are made up of two tracks, a metal cable, and plastic pieces that act as a guide for the cable. Over time, these plastic pieces break, causing the cable to come loose and the window to fall inside the door. At this point, the regulator assembly has to be replaced.

Tell-tale signs that you may need to replace the window regulator include:

  • The window does not go up or down
  • The window fell into the door
  • The window is very noisy when moving inside the door panel
  • The window moves at an angle.
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